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UFC Quick Quote: Karo Parisyan is a gatekeeper?

karo parisyan

"Karo Parisyan is kind of like the gatekeeper of the division...."

-- UFC President Dana White last night referred to one of the top welterweights in the sport, Karo Parisyan, as a gatekeeper for the 170-pound division during the "UFC Countdown" to 85 hour-long special on Spike TV. White was talking about how impressive it was that Thiago Alves was able to take him out UFC Fight Night 13 and get a crack at Matt Hughes in the main event at "Bedlam" this Saturday in London, England. Perhaps White has a different definition of gatekeeper, but in most circles that is not necessarily a desirable distinction -- especially for a fighter who was supposedly knocking on the door to a title shot before the loss and has just three losses in 11 attempts inside the Octagon.

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