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Eye of the beholder: 10-9 for Kimbo in second round

It seemed -- whether it was by coincidence or not -- that everybody was doing their part to make sure that Kimbo Slice defeated James Thompson at Elite XC: "Primetime" at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. on May 31.

However, the judge in question should have picked a less decisive round to do it -- Kimbo took 71 consecutive unanswered blows starting from 1:20 until the end of round two.

To check out the video of Kimbo "winning" round two click here.

Conspiracy theorists ... conspire.

Keep in mind that Elite XC does not hire judges nor appoint them to score certain fights. That's the responsibility of the state athletic commission, which is its own entity and completely separate from Elite XC or any other promotion for that matter.

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