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Busta Rhymes performance on CBS Elite XC: 'Primetime' tonight

busta rhymes
Multi-platinum rap superstar, Busta Rhymes, will open up the festivities for the Elite XC network television debut for mixed martial arts on CBS tonight, performing his new single "Don't touch me (Throw some water on em)."

The performance will set the stage for the heavyweight tilt between Brett "The Grim" Rogers and Jon Murphy, which is scheduled to be the first televised bout of the evening.

Here's a snip from the hip hop mogul on having the opportunity to perform during such an historic event:

"I'm a huge fan of the excitement and intensity of mixed martial arts, and it's a thrill for me to be a part of the most important event in this sport's young history. My high-energy performances are a perfect match to get the fighters in the perfect mindset for total domination inside the EliteXC cage on May 31."

That's just classic Busta right there -- he's an intense dude for sure.

Elite XC has made a habit out of enlisting the skills of hip hop artists to perform at its shows. In February at 'Street Certified', in fact, Miami-based rapper Pit Bull led Kimbo to the cage for his fight with Tank Abbott.

Here's Elite XC Live Events President Gary Shaw's thoughts:

"Busta's performance brings an entirely different element of excitement and entertainment, to what is already going to be one of the most electrifying nights in MMA history. What better way to kick off this live telecast than the raw intensity of Busta Rhymes setting the tone for the bout between Rogers and Murphy, and for the entire evening."

Sounds alright to me.

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