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The Ultimate Fighter 7: Episode 9 recap and discussion

It's quarterfinal time and Forrest has to decide who to corner since the first round is teammate vs teammate (blame Forrest for going 6-2 in the preliminary matches) but he can't / won't decide so it comes down to the science of the coin toss.

Two will stay at home and train with the rest of Team Brown and two will be cast aside like flotsam and jetsam.

One flick later and it's official: Forrest corners Jesse Taylor and Amir Sadollah and Rampage is stuck with Dante Rivera and Matt Brown.

Back at the house Jesse gets his White Castle on and sucks down a few sliders to show off his nutritional expertise. They guys hate on him for eating like he's going to the chair yet has a body like he's going to the beach.

Dante feels like he's improved since his last fight and looks to come out with a better showing against Jesse Taylor. Meanwhile, Coach Rampage is so committed to the new additions that he takes a quick nap during training.

Jesse Taylor is tipping the scales a bit heavy so he puts on a rubber suit and sweats his way to success after a game of full contact ping-pong.

He then rewards himself with a dip in the hot tub. Unfortunately he has to bleed the lines and instead of using a toilet like most normal folks, Ol' Jesse simply steps out of the jacuzzi and urinates through his shorts onto the pavement.

Not content with being merely repulsive, Taylor graduates to reprehensible by shaking off his leg and jumping right back into the hot tub which has now become a urine cappucino.

An unsuspecting Dante jumps in and bathes in Taylors lemonade. And I thought piss-Christ was offensive. Congratulations Jesse Taylor on replacing Gabe "Colonic" Reudiger as TUF's most egregious contestant.

Prior to the fight, "Gentleman" Jesse Taylor admits he doesn't like to touch gloves before engaging but will this time because Dante Rivera is a friend. What a guy.

Quarterfinal fight #1: Jesse Taylor (6-2) vs Dante Rivera (10-2)

Round 1: Rivera swings and misses and Taylor takes him down and immediately rains down hammer fists. Rivera trying to hold him close without much success. Taylor is simply overpowering Rivera who is starting to take punishment. Taylor covering the mouth of Rivera and posturing up and landing. Rinse and repeat. Taylor stands up and eats an upkick and returns to Rivera's guard. More punishment ensues. Thirty seconds left in the round Taylor seems content to simply smother. Round one ends and it was all Taylor.

Round 2: Dante is busted up and Taylor is sucking wind. In a repeat of round one, Rivera swings and misses and gets taken down. Taylor can be heard grunting as he tries to land punches from the top which is a clear indication that he's low on fuel. Rampage finally chimes in (someone must have woken him up) and screams at Dante to stand up and do something. He seems content to stay in guard and is saved by the referee (as are we) when he puts them to their feet. Taylor laughs in the face of stand-up and immediately takes him back down. Action has slowed but Taylor is landing periodically. Rivera has no answer and seems resigned to just stay in guard and take punishment. Round two ends just like round one. This one is academic (and anticlimactic).

Jesse Taylor defeats Dante Rivera via unanimous decision.

Not exactly a barnburner but Taylor gets the win and with only one contract that's all that really matters.

The focus quickly shifts to the second fight of the evening between Matt Brown and Amir Sadollah - who get awfully chummy before the fight. Amir is once again bursting with confidence and considers Matt Brown a trained killer. Rampage likes Matt Brown's warrior spirit.

Quarterfinal fight #2: Amir Sadollah (0-0) vs Matt Brown (9-6)

Round 1: Brown stalks and lands a couple of punches and kicks. Sadollah with a front kick. Follows with a jab and a knee. They tie up and Sadollah pushes him to the cage. Nice knee to the ribs by Sadollah. Brown looking for the trip but Sadollah fights it off. Nice display of defense by Sadollah. Brown eats an elbow and tries again for the trip. He fails but backs away and sneaks in some strikes. Nice straight head kick by Sadollah. Brown retaliates with a flurry. Back to the cage for both men. Brown still looking for the trip and backs away. Nice jab lands for Brown. Then a left. A Brown low kick stumbles Sadollah. Back to the cage and they exchange knees. They break and trade punches that land. Brown with a takedown but Sadollah rolls out and they get back to their feet. A return to the cage as time expires. Action packed first round. Very close.

Round 2: Brown opens with a hard flurry. Flying White Lotus kick misses for Sadollah. Brown retreats and eats a few. They end up against the cage and wrestle for position. Nice knee by Brown. Missed kick by Sadollah. Brown lands a few more. Sadollah backs him up and trips him down. Sadollah on top now looking to create space. Brown looking a little lethargic on the bottom. Sadollah punches the body. Brown almost has an escape but falls backwards. Sadollah back on top working the elbow. Brown is bushed. Sadollah resorts to a man-hug and Brown rolls out. Amir immediately looks for the armbar but Brown transitions and gets trapped in the triangle. Brown taps.

Amir Sadollah defeats Matt Brown via submission (triangle choke - R2).

After the fight Brown shows a ton of class and congratulates Sadollah for the performance. Brown also gets mad respect when he mans up and admits that while disappointed, he gave it 100% and got bested.

This was an exciting fight and pretty much saved the episode. Anyone who doesn't understand what was wrong with the fight between Taylor and Rivera should re-watch Brown vs. Sadollah. Kudos to both men for a great fight.

Stay tuned next week as Jeremy May comes back from obscurity to start trouble with Jesse Taylor, CB Dolloway tries to punish Cale Yarbrough, and the semifinal matches are announced.

See you then!

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