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MMA DVD Contest: Who Am I? And the winner is... reader "Lee K."

Congratulations on winning your FREE copy of UFC 84: Ill Will when it becomes available for release on August 26.

Lee correctly guessed none other than EliteXC fighter, Joey Villasenor as the mystery fighter in part two of our DVD contest.

For those of you who missed the results of our first Who Am I? DVD Contest, MMAmaniac "Mark E." was the winner when he correctly identified "Gumby" Jeremy Horn as the first mystery fighter.

And kudos to the MMAmaniacs for another impressive showing. Once again our savvy readers were able to keep this from going to the second round and the bombardment of correct responses in such a short time was positively baffling.

We also had our resident bonehead phone in another ridiculous answer. This time it was the world's most dangerous son: "Ryan Shamrock" as their response. According to one of the clues provided, that would have put him fighting in the cage at around ten years old.

My apologies for not cranking out these results a little sooner, but site captain Mania went on another bender this weekend and no one else cares enough about him to post bail (I only did it so this week's check doesn't bounce).

Again, great job to all of those who responded correctly.

And keep your eyes peeled for some new additions coming soon in our DVD store.

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