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Jon Koppenhaver wants to die in a knife fight

Jon "War Machine" Koppenhaver recently went on a rant over at his blog about the complexities of living in a cilvilized society. While I originally thought it was in response to his submission loss to Yoshiyuki "Zenko" Yoshida at UFC 84, site reader Joey 1.0 points out that it was posted over a week ago.

So much for post-fight stress as a possible cause. It's an interesting read, and should give his therapist plenty to go on after he's admitted.

From WarMachineMMA:

So I have pretty much decided that in the next couple of years I am gonna move somewhere LESS CIVILIZED. After all, civilization and LAWS are in place to protect the WEAK anyway. Me being the Alpha Male, Spartan, SAVAGE that I am...I see no need for this type of B.S.

I don't go around looking for trouble and am in no way a bully. Actually if it were my way I would never have fights outside the ring, just train all day and fuck all night ... lol. But when someone needs to be smashed or KILLED I would be more than happy to do it. Like for instance the other night ... I was minding my business walking down the street and three drunk guys and two chicks walk by me and talk shit to me. Making fun of my haircut or some lame shit. Instinctively I want to smash their faces in, I mean that's what they deserve and what nature calls for. But instead I have to let their gf's make excuses for them so I do nothing and let these faggots feel tough for a night.

Why should I have to be less of a man to protect the rights and lives of lesser men? Why if I smash all three of their faces do I get arrested and prosecuted and no one asks them WHY THE FUCK THEY WENT OUT OF THEIR WAY TO HARASS ME IN THE FIRST PLACE!?

As you all know I got in big trouble earlier this year for a similar situation. Same type of thing. I was minding my business and some drunk dude talked shit and I terrorized him. Long story short and 20 grand later I ended up with probation and community service but was warned by the judge that a repeat would earn me prison time. So basically I am now walking on egg shells.

So the plan is to move to the Philippines in the next two years. There the money I make in the UFC will make me very wealthy and there I will not have to hold back when someone deserves to get smashed.

I wont have to be less of a man in order to prevent getting in trouble with the "law" I will be able to live my life how I want and deserve to live. I will train all day and fuck all night. Maybe one day I will find a wife, if not it's okay. I will bring my boxing coach and my jiu-jitsu coach with me. Build a team from scratch...this will be a great life. Hopefully before I am 55 I will die in a knife fight outside of some bar. Avoiding the midlife crisis all together.

This is the life of an Alpha Male like me. We are not supposed to grow old and wait around to die. We are supposed to fight, kill and fornicate. Tempt fate more and more with each passing year...and just as we start to become weaker and older a younger Alpha kills us and takes our place.

Yes, this is what I want, this is what I WILL have.


I can imagine how the Filipino populace must feel about Koppenhaver's assessment of their culture.

Here's hoping that Koppenhaver is just having a temporary breakdown and knife-fights notwithstanding, is able to get his life back on track.

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