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MMA DVD Contest: Who Am I? Round 2

With UFC 84: "Ill Will" just around the corner, what better way to get into the fighting spirit by giving away another FREE MMA DVD courtesy of our very own

That's right, a copy of UFC 84 will be yours to keep when it's released on August 26 -- but before you start breaking out the party hats, keep in mind this is a contest.

You're going to have to earn it!

Now round one was pretty easy - and congratulations once again to Mark E. for correctly identifying Jeremy Horn as the correct answer.

But now it's time to beef things up a bit.

To that end, I present to you the second round of's Who am I? contest that requires you, the reader, to identify a prominent MMA fighter based on a series of clues provided by yours truly.

The first correct submission Emailed to will be declared the winner. All submissions must include a link to a DVD featuring the fighter from our DVD store.

Part 1 will provide you with the first three clues. Tomorrow (Part 2) will reveal the remaining three clues.

Who am I?

-A veteran of the sport, I've been competing since 1999
-My record against UFC veterans is 3-3
-One of my submission wins is over a TUF contestant who never competed at a UFC event

Who Am I?

Not too much to go on, but don't worry, come back tomorrow for the remaining clues!

In the meantime, if you think you've got it, Email your submission to Remember, all submissions MUST include a link to a DVD featuring the fighter from our DVD store.

Good luck!

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