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MMA DVD Contest: Who Am I? And the winner is... reader "Mark E."

Congratulations on winning your FREE copy of UFC 84: Ill Will when it becomes available for release on August 26.

Mark correctly guessed none other than "Gumby" himself, Jeremy Horn as the mystery fighter.

And kudos to the MMAmaniacs for an impressive showing. I knew we had some savvy readers but the 500+ correct responses in such a short time was positively baffling.

Except of course for the reader who submitted "Takanori Gomi" as their answer. I ask that you please hang your head in shame.

Mark was not the first correct response, but unfortunately the ones that beat him to the punch failed to include a link from our DVD store that featured Mr. Horn in action!

Again, great job to all of those who responded correctly.

But having said that, you can only blame yourselves for the level of difficulty in tomorrow's contest.

You heard correctly. Since this contest was over so quickly, I have no choice but to crank out another giveaway to help us get psyched up for this Saturday's stacked lineup of fights.

Only this time there will be no free rides.

Get your thinking caps on Maniacs and check back with us tomorrow morning for a second crack at winning your free copy of UFC 84: Ill Will from our DVD store.

I can promise you it won't be so easy the second time around.

See you then!

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