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Matt Hughes NRA convention a hit last week

Matt Hughes Guns and Ammo



"I caught up with nine-time UFC World Champion Matt Hughes at the Knight Rifles booth early Saturday morning and asked him about his hunting and shooting background. He and his identical twin brother, Mark, grew up hunting and shooting on their rural farm in Illinois. They continue to hunt, but prefer the time they get to spend together on the target range because it allows more trigger time together. According to Hughes, when hunting, you may get only one shot -- if that -- and then it's over, but with targets you shoot until you either run out of ammo, time, or daylight -- whichever comes first. It was obvious to me from the vigor in his eyes that target shooting with Mark is the height of Matt's shooting enjoyment."

Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes and his twin brother visit the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Louisville, KY, last week along with other celebrities. The avid hunter is in the midst of training for his main event fight against Thiago Alves at UFC 85: "Bedlam" at the O2 Arena in London, England, on June 7.

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