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'MMA Live' on to debut online tonight with host Kenny Florian

kenny florian
ESPN -- the worldwide leader in sports – is set to debut a half-hour long online show on dubbed "MMA Live," which will be hosted by top UFC lightweight contender, Kenny Florian, according to

"MMA Live" will debut on today (Thursday, May 15) at 7 p.m. ET and will cover the latest mixed martial arts news from the top organizations in the sport such as UFC, Elite XC, Dream and others. It will eventually -- if all goes well -- feature fighters interviews and other specials.

Here’s a snip from "Ken-Flo:"

"(It’s) kind of a fast-paced show on the current news and events going on in the sport. There’s a whole lot of guys at ESPN that have been trying to get this done I guess for two years…. It’s strictly going to be on It’s not going to be on TV as of right now. Basically they’re going to do a run for three shows on and see what the response is, see how it does. Then if it goes well, we’ll do a regular thing on the Internet, and if it does even better, then possibly you’ll see it on TV."

Florian will be joined by co-hosts John Anik and Franklin McNeil from the Newark Star-Ledger.

Definitely check it out if you can because with enough positive feedback and views this could find its way onto the airwaves sometime soon. We’ll pass along the video right here at if and when it becomes available.

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