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UFC Quick Quote: Dana White has 'no idea' about Andrei Arlovski

andrei arlovski

"We were just talking about Arlovski. We want to sign him. It’s our intention to sign him. But I don’t know. We’re, well, I don’t know. We want to. Whether we will or not, I have no idea. We like Andrei and I know the fans like Andrei. I hope we can do something."

-- UFC President Dana White provides the latest update via Yahoo! on the status of former heavyweight champion, Andrei Arlovski. "The Pitbull" is currently a free agent, but it has been reported that the UFC currently holds the first right of refusal on any offers that he receives from other promotions. That might not mean much with MMA upstarts like Affliction throwing around fight purses in excess of $1 million to big name fighters. In fact, there's a rumor floating around that Arlovski and Ben Rothwell could mix it up on the debut show slated for July 19. That's just a big bad rumor for now ... time will tell.

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