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MMA Quick Quote: Jens Pulver is going to put Urijah Faber in quicksand

"I train like a tri-athlete.... I’m not training for 25 minutes. I am training for 50 minutes…. I know it’s going to be high paced the whole time, and I know it’s going to be a tough fight. I know what I did before to get 25 minutes in, and I know what I have to do now.... There is no compensating for having the momentum Urijah has. He’s got the confidence to try to do anything, because his success rate has been real high…. The biggest thing you have to do with someone fast and furious like that is put them in quicksand. You put them there, and then you see what they really got…. This ain’t going to be a speed race. This is going to be a grind. To beat a fast flashy individual you got to stick them in the grind, and that’s where the wrestling of Urijah will come out, but at the same time that’s where you want to put them.... There is a reason why I have 8 KO’s, 1 submission, and have never been to a decision at 145. That’s my weight class.… The thing about fighting at 145 is when I push somebody they move. My power is a little more absorbable at 155 and 160. At 145 it’s not as absorbable. It hurts."

-- Former UFC lightweight champion and top WEC 145-pound contender, Jens Pulver, tells about his preparation and mindset heading into his fight with WEC Featherweight Champion Urijah Faber at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, Calif., on June 1. 'Lil Evil lays out a nice case for his possible success against one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the sport today.

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