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Urijah Faber training hard for Jens Pulver WEC fight on June 1

Urijah Faber



"He's super dedicated to what he does whether it be training for fighting, or supporting his guys in their fights. He's respectful to his opponents, and doesn't underestimate them. His training is excessive; a regimen that many would be and are hard pressed to keep up with. Some would call it overtraining, but to him it's his every day thing, whether he has a fight coming up or not. The training level he kept up with this trip I took to see him was no more than when I went last august to sac and he didn't have an impending fight. He's got a funny sense of humor and a great rapport with the guys he trains."

MMA photographer Tracy Lee recently tailed WEC Featherweight Champion Urjiah Faber during a few days of training as he prepares for his showdown with former UFC lightweight champion Jens Pulver at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, Calif., on June 1. "The California Kid" appears to be in top form and will be more than ready for Lil Evil on fight night.

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