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Marcus Davis: On the road to UFC 85 Mike Swick fight (Part I)

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Marcus Davis

Hey, this is Marcus Davis also known as the "Irish Hand Grenade."

Thanks to for the opportunity to give everyone a short report on what I'm going through to prepare for Mike Swick at UFC 85: "Bedlam" in London, England, on June 7.

I'm currently in Boston, Mass., training Muay Thai and MMA with coach Mark Dellagrotte of Sityodyong. I have pulled out every connection I have to prepare for this fight. Mark is the man with the plan and is putting me through my routine for my MMA training.

Furthermore, I have reconnected with my original boxing coach, Joe Lake, who is getting me back to some fundamentals. I'm also training with my teammate Kenny Florian and working with Peter Welch from The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 1 and 2.

My strength and conditioning coach has been Garth Krane. He is an MMA fighter and former Canadian Olympic-caliber wrestler. I am the strongest I have ever been in my MMA career with a 375-pound bench and a 415-pound squat.

If people thought I could punch hard before … wait till you see what I am capable of come June 7! To check out pictures of the physical changes I've gone through head over to my page right here.

I can't wait to get back to the UK and put on a show -- I really feel at home there. This will be the greatest test in my MMA career and I am with out a doubt in the best shape of my life. Thanks so much to all the fans and supporters who follow my career.

In addition, I want to thank all the sponsors who have made training for this fight the best it can possibly be, specifically and

If you are in the market for shoes or electronics head over to -- they have pretty much the best selection of shoes in the world and they offer free shipping. And if you're looking for MMA gear or apparel make sure to check out because they have the best selection of MMA fight apparel on the Internet without a doubt. All the pro's shop there and so should you.

That's a wrap for now … it's time to head back to the gym. I look forward to giving you another update as soon as possible. Stay tuned.


"A pint of sweat saves a gallon of blood ..." -- General S. Patton

Marcus Davis is a top welterweight contender in the loaded UFC 170-pound division. The former professional boxer is perhaps the most improved mixed martial artist ever to emerge from the TUF series, compiling a gaudy record inside the Octagon (6-1) since the show wrapped in 2005. He is currently riding an 11-fight win streak, which he will put on the line against Mike Swick at UFC 85: "Bedlam" at the O2 Arena in London, England, on June 7. He'll detail his preparation for the bout right here at with frequent updates.

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