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MMA New York City: Help make it legal

matt serra new york


Remember, this is the site that the UFC recently set up to help legalize the sport in the "Empire State" once and for all. Check out the email from former UFC welterweight champion, Matt Serra, after the jump that was recently sent out in a grassroots-esque attempt to win over local legislators with a groundswell of public support.

(Thanks to reader "Shaolins Finest" for the assist.)

Dear [Mania],

As a native New Yorker, nothing would make me happier than fighting right here in New York.

But I need your help. New York has an antiquated law on its books that prevents any respectable MMA event from being held anywhere in the state. We want that to change, and I'm sure you do too.

These things happen because of pressure from local residents on their legislators, letting the people who pass the bills know that the people they represent care about particular issues.

So we need to get a lot of people to email their legislators. So, please go to and click on my picture on the left, follow the instructions and send an email or two to your local legislator.

Then forward this email to as many people as you can who you think will also be willing to write and take action.

With your help, we will get MMA to New York. And we will hope to see you at the fights.

Thank you,

Matt Serra

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