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El Octagono: Feliz Cinco de Mayo les desea

feliz cinco de mayo

It's Cinco de Mayo today, which of course gives us an excuse to post an irrelevant picture of a beautiful Latina.

In more relevant news, the Los Angeles Times ran a timely piece about the UFCs likely expansion into Mexico with a new weekly hour-long television series called, "El Octagono" that will air on the Galavision network.

The Saturday night series will feature "fighter interviews, highlights and mixed martial arts education for Latino fight fans who traditionally have flocked to boxing."

Roger Huerta, Kenny Florian, Eddie Sanchez and other Spanish-speaking fighters on the roster will lead the charge. In addition, the UFC will also enlist the services of Brazilians such as Antonio Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira and Gabriel Gonzaga to further its marketing efforts.

Here's a snip from Huerta:

"I love boxing for what it is, but you see so many different things, and a higher pace, in UFC fights. You can see punching, wrestling, submissions. If boxing is like shooting a 9-millimeter, imagine adding in a bazooka and machine gun. With the more weapons we have, the interest will come around. The key thing is just to educate."

Agreed. Some new, hot, multilingual ring girls might help, too. Just an idea.

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