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Ron Waterman vs. Dave 'Pee Wee' Herman Elite XC fight set for June 14

ron watermanRemember Pee Wee Herman?

Well, there's more than one believe it or not. And this guy is a lot bigger and hits a lot harder. His name is Pee Wee Herman too, but he's an Elite XC heavyweight contender and he's undefeated.

Dave "Pee Wee" Herman (10-0) will fight MMA journeyman Ron "H2O" Waterman (15-5-2) in a fight that will round out the main card for Elite XC's June 14 event in Honolulu, Hawaii.

I mentioned in the Feijao and Cole fight announcement how impressed I was with Feijao while watching him live at "Street Certified" in Miami, Fla.. Well, I was equally as impressed -- if not more -- with Herman that night.

Pee Wee was fighting Mario Rinaldi, who is this short, but a huge wrecking ball of a man. Rinaldi immediately shot in on Herman for the single leg takedown, but Herman stood his ground ... on one leg, and commenced to pounding the living daylights out of Rinaldi's face.

It was unbelievable -- Rinaldi held on to Herman's leg for dear life while Pee Wee continued to unload on his face for the entire five minutes of round one. Eventually, in the third round the punishment took its toll on Rinaldi and he went down.

If there is anything negative that could be said about Dave Herman's performance that night, it's that he was completely gassed out by the end of the fight, but in my opinion, any heavyweight would have been after throwing non stop punches for 10 straight minutes.

Also, I'm not sure if the fight wasn't over sooner because Herman didn't have the power to finish, or if Rinaldi just had the world's hardest head, but being there in person, I'd have to lean toward the latter.

Either way, it should be exciting to see Pee Wee Herman fight again.

His opponent this time around is much more experienced and seasoned, however. Waterman is not a guy who is just going to sit there and let you hit him. This is one powerful human being -- he has muscles the Governator (Arnold) hasn't even heard of.

Besides his obvious strength, Waterman has a wealth of MMA experience. He's fought in the UFC, Pride, and Pancrase. And he's taken on some of the best in the heavyweight division, including Mirko Cro Cop (loss), Ricco Rodriguez (win and loss), Kevin Randelman (win), and Roger Gracie (loss) among others.

This is a bit of a step up in competition for Pee Wee Herman (can't say that enough) and it will be very interesting to see how he does. Perhaps a solid performance will mean a possible future showdown with Elite XC star Kimbo Slice.

Time will tell.

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