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Wanderlei Silva snorkel training: Lookout, Keith Jardine, at UFC 84

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To be honest, Jardine is taller, but I don't think he is stronger than Wanderlei. When a fighter is bigger, it doesn't always mean that he is stronger. Wanderlei has good training partners and some excellent sparring, some of them even taller then Jardine. We have planned well.... Wanderlei is always searching for the best training, and by that he wants the best for me. So he said to me that I will always travel to places where I can learn something to add on to his training. I am very happy to have a boss like him. By that, I have the opportunity to grow as a sport scientist. Today, I am studying a new training called HIPOXIA, which consist in a few words in a hard training with low demand of oxygen. This kind of training is developed in other sports and I am bringing it to MMA. It’s a very hard type of training because the athlete must tolerate a huge quantity of lactic acid in the blood.

Rafael Alejarra -- personal strength and conditioning trainer for UFC light heavyweight Wanderlei Silva -- talks about the preparation of his fighter for the fight against Keith Jardine at UFC 84: "Ill Will" on May 24. "The Axe Murderer" was first seen doing the odd-looking snorkel training on "UFC All Access" prior to his UFC 79 showdown with Chuck Liddell. He lost that fight via unanimous decision, and afterwards, admitted that perhaps he spent too much time conditioning and not enough time sparring. Let's hope that's fixed this time around.

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