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Burned out ...

... been attacking this site for about the last 18 months straight without a break that lasts longer than eight hours. Even on major holidays I'm chained to this thing.

It takes a toll.

For the next day or so the very well equipped senior writer of the site, Jesse Holland, is going to steer this ship. He's more than qualified to handle the responsibilities.

I'll still be floating around in moderation hell and stamping out other fires, and I may even stop in for a post or two. So it's not really a "break."

Fortunately, our dedicated team will also pitch in (hopefully), which is nice -- our guys truly love what we do here and are diehard fans who know what's up.

It's refreshing -- we collectively don't attempt to be something we're not. This is a blog first that just so happens to break a ton of good industry news first.

Therefore, treat our writers and readers well in the next 48 hours or so. And don't miss me too much ... my wife and kids send their kind thanks in advance

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