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Elite XC DVDs on sale soon

Elite XC DVD
ProElite -- the parent company of the Elite XC mixed martial arts promotion and several others -- has signed a multi year production and distribution deal with Image Entertainment to release DVDs to the public, according to

The deal will include four annual Elite XC DVDs, as well as eight annual installments within the ShoXC brand.

Here's a snip from Steven DeMille, Image senior vice president of marketing:

"There is a growing market for high-quality arena-based mixed martial arts content, and ProElite is the premiere source for this type of sports entertainment. We are pleased to add ProElite to our roster of content suppliers as we continue to grow both our distribution channels and scope of programming."

The first two DVDs entitled "Destiny" and "Renegade" will feature fights that include Frank Shamrock, Renzo Gracie and Kimbo Slice. These are scheduled to hit the shelves as soon as May 13.

A third DVD called "Huntington Beach Badass" will feature Tank Abbott and go on sale July 22.

ProElite Home Entertainment Vice President, Turi Altavilla, added this:

"With MMA going primetime, we are introducing the sport to a whole new audience that will likely drive demand for MMA events on DVD. Watching these DVDs will be like having front row seats at MMA events."

If nothing else besides pure entertainment, these DVDs will provide viewers -- and new fans who come on board with the upcoming network television debut on CBS -- the opportunity to catch up on the recent history of their favorite stars as well as build hype for future fights.

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