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UFC Quick Quote: Will Josh Koscheck stand with Chris Lytle at UFC 86?

koscheck lytle

"To be honest I think at the beginning he will definitely try and test the waters on his feet, but in my opinion when push comes to shove and things become a little bit harder you tend to fall back to what you know best – in his case that is wrestling. I won’t be too surprised if after a few minutes he decides to try taking me to the ground. It is kind of hard with someone like him that has developed striking – I have to be prepared for that, I don’t want to get caught not giving him the respect he deserves there; but I’m definitely thinking he is going to try to take me down."

-- Chris Lytle thinks that if he does it won't be long before Koscheck goes for the takedown, according to a recent interview with, which in this case would appear to be the wise approach. However, in has last three fights "Kos" has made no secret that his intentions were to display his improving Muay Thai and boxing skills rather that rely on his amazing wrestling abilities. It worked against Diego Sanchez and Dustin Hazelett; however, Georges St. Pierre switched things up on him. To trade blows with Lytle at UFC 86: "Jackson vs. Griffin" at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, on July 5 might not be the best gameplan for Koscheck -- "Lights Out" has great MMA boxing.

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