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UFC cuts Kalib Starnes after UFC 83 track meet (Update)

kalib starnes
The UFC didn't waste much time, releasing former The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) contestant and UFC 83 main card participant, Kalib Starnes, from his contract after a puzzling performance against Nate Quarry this weekend, according to Yahoo!

Starnes -- a native of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada -- spent most of the 15 minutes of his middleweight bout with "The Rock" playing keep away. He simply refused to engage. In fact, Quarry mocked him inside the Octagon toward the tail end of the fight for his performance.

Here's a snip from UFC President Dana White:

"He just doesn't belong in the UFC and after his performance the other night, he should consider a new line of work."

Starnes was looking to rebound from a technical knockout loss to Alan Belcher that ended because of a grizzly cut. He was displeased with the stoppage (even though his skull was visible) and was even more displeased with the financial hit he took to recover from the axe wound.

Regardless, Starnes did himself and his career a major disservice this weekend. He has much to prove going forward ... if he's even still interested.

UPDATE: Starnes claims that he requested to be released from his UFC contract and "couldn't be happier" now that he is no longer with the organization. He indicated that a complete announcement will be forthcoming as soon as all the final paperwork is complete.

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