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Ken Shamrock officially sues the UFC

Last November Ken Shamrock mentioned his intention to sue the UFC for not allowing him to complete the second and final fight of his UFC contract.

Now it's official.

In a lawsuit filed last Tuesday in Nevada, "The World's Most Dangerous Man" claims he made a two-fight deal with the UFC that would allow him a second fight after finishing his trilogy with Tito Ortiz at UFC: The Final Chapter back in October of 2006.

Shamrock had the option of not fighting for a second time if he chose to retire after his final bout with Ortiz (which he did). Then in June of 2007 Shamrock had a change of heart and tried to return to the Octagon for his second fight but the UFC had already moved on, accepting Shamrock's October retirement as the end of their relationship.

While he may be a UFC hall-of-famer and pioneer of the sport, the 44 year-old Shamrock is 2-8 in his last ten fights, including five straight (T)KO losses since 2004.

Perhaps the UFC chose to accept his retirement at face value. Or perhaps Ken Shamrock is no longer a marketable fighter whose diminished skills puts him one fight away from serious injury.

Either way, it's clear the UFC has no intention of using him in future events - which Shamrock seems to be okay with - so long as he's paid.

Does the UFC have a financial obligation to Shamrock? Or did Shamrock surrender that obligation on the day he retired?

That is a matter to be settled in court.

Though I have a pretty good idea what the verdict is in the court of public opinion.

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