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UFC Quick Quote: Jason MacDonald is pissed at Joe Doerksen


"This is a guy that I beat fair and square in his home town. He was a UFC veteran and I stepped up to the challenge and beat him by choke in the fourth round. Now regardless of the crap Joe is talking those are the facts. He will say that the fight changed in the first round after I opened up a cut on Joe's forehead. That is right, the fight did change due to a well timed blow from me that opened up a cut! That happens all the time in fighting, that's what is all about! However, Joe had three more rounds to recover and get back on track but he did not and I was able to finish him off. There is a name for guys like Joe -- it's called a sore loser. When I lose, at least I do it like a man. So for Joe to keep talking crap is completely ridiculous all it is doing is making me lose respect for a guy I once respected as a fighter! Oh yeah, and it is really starting to piss me off and just add more fuel to my fire. The great thing is we will get to settle it in less then a week!"

-- Middleweight Jason MacDonald comments via on his upcoming rematch with Joe Doerksen at UFC 83: "Serra vs. St. Pierre 2" at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, on April 19. "The Athlete" defeated "El Dirte" via submission (rear naked choke) during a UCW event back in 2005. Both fighters are coming off losses and are looking for a win to stay in the 185-pound mix.

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