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UFC Quick Quote: Matt Serra has no love for retards and drunks

"People love GSP, but you can't deny what I have done. You have Matt Hughes saying it was a lucky punch, but he's a retard. Georges was supposed to be the new MMA god; the guy on the Wheaties box. As far as everyone was concerned, I was just a little Italian guy that got lucky. It wasn't one punch. I got the better of every exchange. I had a gameplan and it was my night. People will say what they want to say. I haven't lost any sleep over it. What can they say anyway? That I didn't dominate that fight? It doesn't matter. Critics can't get into the cage with you unless they are in your head. Look, when I get (to Montreal's Bell Centre), I know (the fans) are going to be against me. That's Ok. I already have my family and friends, I could use a few enemies. So boo me. Boo me you drunks!"

-- UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Serra tells MMA Madness that he's prepared to silence the critics once again when he takes on Georges St. Pierre during the main event at UFC 83 next weekend at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec.

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