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UFC 83 results and LIVE fight coverage for Serra vs. St. Pierre 2

UFC 83 Results

It's time!

UFC 83: "Serra vs. St. Pierre 2" is blowing the lid of the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, RIGHT NOW.

The main card action is set to begin at 10 p.m. ET on pay-per-view, which will cover from bell to bell with LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage. In addition, we're providing the latest quick results of the under card at action RIGHT NOW!.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the PPV telecast to share their thoughts on the action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment or 10 before you leave and chat with many of our readers during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after UFC 83.

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 83 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action!)


Georges St. Pierre defeats Matt Serra by TKO in round two
Rich Franklin defeats Travis Lutter by TKO in round two
Michael Bisping defeats Charles McCarthy by TKO in round one
Mac Danzig defeats Mark Bocek by submission in round three
Nate Quarry defeats Kalib Starnes via unanimous decision
Jason MacDonald defeats Joe Doerksen via technical knockout in round two
Jason Day defeats Alan Belcher via technical knockout in round one
Demian Maia defeats Ed Herman via submission (triangle choke) in round two
Rich Clementi defeats Sam Stout via split decision
Cain Velasquez defeats Brad Morris via technical knockout in round one
Jonathan Goulet defeats Kuniyoshi Hironaka via technical knockout in round two


DrubySunshine here, tonight is the big night. The fights and tensions in them speak for themselves. Just sit back and enjoy folks.

Matt Serra vs. Georges St. Pierre (170-pound limit)

Round one: Here we go the crowd is electric. Serra comes out quick and GSP gets a quick take down and is right to half guard. St Pierre looking to pass. Serra looking for full guard. Serra still working for position. St Pierre passes right back to half guard. Serra gets full guard!!! Serra with a elbow. The crowd is chanting. GSP with a great combo!!! Serra with a nice mouse under the right eye. GSP in half guard. Serra back to full guard. Elbow from GSP. Serra staying calm. St Pierrre with a left. GSP now to side control!! GSP with hammer fists. Serra looking to get to the feet. Serra covering up while trying to rise to his feet. St Pierre with a knee to the body. Now their back to the feet. Serra goes to the body. SUperman punch from GSP. GSP shoots for the double!! He gets it!! Side contorl for St Pierre!!! Thats the bell. 10-9 GSP as he controled position from the top.

Round two: Serra with a leg kick and GSP lands a left and then a take down. Serra looking for the guillotine. St Pierre on top. GSP with a single. Serra looking for a switch. St Pierre lands small blows to the heads. Serra escapes!! Back to the feet. Serra looks calm. Serra lands a head kick flush. GSP misses and spining back kick. Jabs from St Pierre. Serra is eating jabs and not moving his head. St Pierre gets the take down. Side control for St Pierre. GSP now landing small blows from behind. Serra gets to full guard. GSP with a great left hook and another!!! Serrra is slowing now. Serra still looking to scramble. Serra blocking some blows. Knee to the thigh from GSP. Serra scrambles and GSP lands a combo. GSP to half guard. Now to side control!! Hes passing with ease. GSP has the back now. Knees to the ribs from St Pierre. Serra turns and St Pierre lands some vicious knees to the ribs!!!!! The ref stops it!!! I have no idea why he stopped the fight, Serra was not responding but there was only 10 seconds left and it seemed he was just trying to wait the round out.

Final result: Georges St. Pierre defeats Matt Serra by TKO in round two


Rich Franklin vs. Travis Lutter (185-pound limit)

Round one: Franklin wiht a jab. Franklin lands a huge right. Lutter goes for the single. Their up against the cage. Franklin defending. Lutter has the back now. Lutter takes him down. Lutter looking for hooks. Franklin scrambling. Lutter rolls him and now goes to side control. Lutter looking to pass for the mount. Franklin is not doing much to defend himself hes just holding on for dear life. Lutter still on side control. Lutter staying heavy and now Franklin gets guard. Lutter with a punch. Lutter in side control. Lutter in full mount now!!!! Lutter now working in punches. Lutter locks in a armbar!!!! But Franklin comes through with an amazing reverse!!!! WOW that was brilliant. Lutter immeadiately shoots for a single. Franklin teeing off on Lutter's head. Lutter is tenacious and still is working on the single leg take down. Franklin with a knee. Thats the bell. Lutter 10-9. But Franklin had amazing submission defense.

Round two: Franklin with a knee from the clinch. Lutter shoots Franklin sprawls and lands a counter punch. Lutter shoots again and Franklin clinches and lands a knee, Lutter takes a head kick and hes hurt!!! Franklin looking to finish but Lutter grabs a hold of Ace's ankle and Franklin is now trying to escape. Hes out. Lutter taking the time to recover. Back to the feet. Franklin now clinches and lands a knee and a huge right. Lutter is gassed. Franklin dropping uppercuts. Lutter is out of gas. Lutter holding onto the leg. Franklin escapes! Lutter is on the mat and he cant breathe. Franklin with a huge left!!! Franklin unloads with a huge combo!! Lutter looks out on his feet. Franklin wiht a HUGE left hook. Lutter down and out!!! Franklin closes in and finishes it. Lutter is gassed and Franklin capitalized.
Round three:

Final result: Rich Franklin defeats Travis Lutter via TKO (Strikes) Round 2


Michael Bisping vs. Charles McCarthy (185-pound limit)

Round one: Bisping comes out fast. McCarthy with a right. McCarthy with another right. Jab from Bisping. Bispins locks up the clinch and lands some huge knees. McCarthy taunts Bisping. Bisping with a right. Bisping with a flying knee. Right from Bisping. Leg kick from chainsaw. Bisping with a uppercut. Bisping with a jab and knee. Then a uppercut. Bisping is picking him apart. Hes moving effortlessly. Huge right from Bisping!!!! Then a knee, McCarthy gets a huge hip toss take down!!! McCarthy inBispings half guard. Bisping looking to get back to the feet. McCarthy looking for a arm bar. McCarthy sinks in the arm bar a little deeper. Bisping keeping him arm bent to avoid the submission. Bisping with free and lands a right. Jab from Bisping then an uppercut followed by a knee. Bisping is openingup on McCarthy. Bisping Landing HUGE blows!!!! Hes destroying him with knees!!!!!! WOW Bisping lands almost 20 unanswered knees!!! Bisping landing massive blows!!!! Thats the bell. McCarthy is saved. Wait, the ref calls the fight McCarthy could not get up!!! Bisping wins in a slaughter!!

Final result: Michael Bisping defeats Charles McCarthy via TKO (Strikes) Round 1


Mac Danzig vs. Mark Bocek (155-pound limit)

Round one: Danzig with a head kick. Bocek with a right. Danzig rushes in with a right. Bocek lands a hard right. Danzig with a solid right. Bocek shoots for a single. Danzig looking for kimura counter. Danzig holding him off. Bocek still working the single up against the cage. Bocek gets the double and finishes the take down. Bocek teeing off with rights from full guard. Danzig locks a triangle briefly but looses it. Bocek is out and starts landing bombs!! Danzig trying to get to the feet. Danzig back to his feet. Bocek takes him back down and is on top again. Bocek passes to Mac's half guard. Danzig tries to scramble and makes it back to the feet. Danzig switches and is now on the back of Bocek. Danzig on top peppering in right and left hooks. Danzig now posturing up and landing some more blows. Bocek with full guard. Thats the bell. Great round, it was a close one but I give it to Bocek 10-9.

Round two: Danzig with a stiff jab. Bocek backing Danzig up. Danzig with a HUGE right knee!!! It rocks Bocek!!! Bocek now scrambling to survive. Bocek has recovered!! Now Danzig has side mount. Bocek trying to come up for a single leg. Danzig with some solid elbows. Danzig sprawling. Danzig with another beautiful knee!!! Bocek still holding onto the single. Danzig now on top in full mount. Danzig dropping bombs. Danzig right back to full mount. Bocek gives him the back. Danzig looking for the choke. Bocek turns around. Danzig still with the mount. Danzig has the back with both hooks in. Hammer fists from Danzig. Danzig back to the feet. Bicek is gassed. He has a huge mouse. Bicek with a great combo and briefly stuns Danzig. Bocek again going for another single leg take down. Danzig back to the feet. Thats the round. 10-9 Danzig easy.

Round three: Jab from Danzig. Leg kic Danzig. Bocek with a one two. Head kick from Bocek. Bocek lands two huge hooks. Bocek now shoots for a single. Now he has the double and he finishes it. Danzig with butterfly guard. Danzig working the gogoplata. Danzig with elbows. Danzigs right eye is now bloodied. Bocek with some serious body shots and two to the head. Back to the feet. Nice knee from Danzig from the clinch. Bocek is hurt and now hes gushing blood. Danzig with a head kick. Huge left from Danzig. The ref stops it to check Bocek's cut. This is a nasty cut!! WOW its gross. Bocek is ready to go. Bocek with a jab. Danzig with a left hook. Both fighters exchange jabs. Danzig with a huge right. Danzig with a nice trip. Danzig has the mount. Danzig looking to sink in a choke. It looks deep and thats it!!! Mac Danzig chokes out Mark Bocek!! Great fight to start off the night.

Final result: Mac Danzig defeats Mark Bocek by submission in round three


Kalib Starnes vs. Nate Quarry (185-pound limit) -- Swing bout

Round one: Quarry with a body shot. Leg kick by Quarry. Quarry looks a little stiff. Quarry chasing Starnes around the ring and lands a couple solid hooks. Leg kick form Quarry. Quarry with a huge right. Hes swinging wildly. Starnes looks hesitant and is on his heels. Leg kick from Quarry. The crowd is booing and Starnes is running away. Body shot from Quarry. The crowd is still booing. Quarry stuns Starnes with a left. Both fighters clinch. Up against the cage. Quarry with a left to the body. Starnes running away. Quarry with a huge right and knee and Starnes is literally running away from Quarry. Body shot from Quarry. Both fighters clinch. Knee to the body from Starnes. Quarry with a huge combo and knee. Great one two to the body from Quarry. Jab from Starnes. Left from Starnes and Quarry with a right, Leg kick from Quarrt. Quarry unloads with a monster combo!! Dominating 1st from Quarry, Starnes is embarassing himself by running away.

Round two: STarnes comes forward with a combo. Quarry with a body kick. Leg kick from Quarry. Left hook to the body from Quarry. Leg kick from Quarry. Left hook form Quarry. Leg kick form Quarry. Right from Starnes. Starnes on his heels. The crowd is booing again. Nice combo from Quarry. Starnes still on his heels. Quarry with a right. Leg kick from Quarry. Leg kick from Quarry, hes really doing damage to STarnes left leg. Another leg kick. Body kick from Quarry. Starnes catches the leg and takes down Quarry for a second. Back to the feet. Leg kick from Quarry. Leg kick from Quarry. Knee to the mid section from Nate. Quarry with a right. The crowd now is chanting BOORRRING!!! BORRRINGGG!!! Thats the bell. Quarry 10-9, its basically Quarry chasing and kicking and Starnes running for his life.
Round three: Head kick from Starnes does little damage. Leg kick from Quarry. Jab from Quarry. Leg kick and hook from Nate. Starnes does not want to fight hes looking for a way out. Quarry with a combo. Hook from Quarry. Straight right from Starnes. Quarry unleashes a barrage of punches! Starnes running away. Starnes hearing the boo's. Another leg kick from Quarry. SOlid right from Nate. Starnes with a weak left. Body kick from Starnes. Starnes switched his stance to protect his hurt leg that has taken a beating. Quarry still chasing. Knee to the head from Quarry. Starnes still running. Quarry with a right. HUGE leg kick from Quarry. Quarry with a HUGE shot and Starnes flips Quarry the middle finger! Quarry walking around like an ass swinging punches like Steve Urkel. Thats the round. This was a horrible fight, Starnes did nothing but run away the entire match.

Final result: Nate Quarry defeats Kaleb Starnes via Unanimous Decision


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