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Carmelo Marerro cut at IFL show is not that bad ... Sike! (Pic)

UFC veteran Carmelo Marrero tangled with Mike Ciesnolevicz this past weekend at an International Fight League (IFL) event held at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, N.J.

The 205-pound fight, however, did not last long because of a nasty gash that was opened up accidentally (head clash) on Marrero less than two minutes into the bout. It was so bad that the referee called a halt to the action and declared a no contest.

I think he made the right call:

carmelo marrero cut pic

"The Fury" has definitely now got something when it comes to Marvin Eastman, Gideon Ray, Edwin DeWees, Sean Sherk and all of the other grizzly cuts that happened in mixed martial arts competition.

For some highlight reel footage of the event -- and it was a good one -- click here.

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