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UFC Quick Quote: James Irvin on the 8 second Houston Alexander knockout

james irvin"He didn't block any of the punches ... when he hit the ground he wasn't even looking at me. He had his hands down and he was looking out into the crowd.... He was bleeding out of both nostrils. He never looked at me or tried to block a single punch. Any longer and my best shot probably would have been the sixth one so I think they jumped right in. I think when people see it on TV again they'll understand that he wasn't even looking at me."

-- James Irvin details during the UFC Fight Night 13 post-fight press conference what he was looking at alongside referee Steve Mazzagatti when he dropped Houston Alexander with a Superman punch just seconds into their 205-pound fight. It was stopped in eight seconds, tying the record (Don Frye vs. Thomas Ramirez at UFC 8 ) for the shortest fight in the history of the promotion.

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