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UFC Quick Quote: Karo Parisyan thinks Georges St. Pierre will maul Jon Fitch

karo parisyan talks about GSP vs Jon Fitch

"It's not my call to say if Jon Fitch deserves a title shot or not. He beat (Chris) Wilson, who was his last opponent. Based on that performance, if St. Pierre beats (Matt) Serra, I don't think he's going to be able to touch St. Pierre. St. Pierre will just maul him, easy. As far as deserving the title, I would say give him a title shot. He has beaten everybody. He is undefeated in the UFC, but honestly, I thought Diego (Sanchez) kinda beat him."

-- "The Heat" tells Brawl Sports that he feels Jon Fitch will be outclassed if he ever fights Georges St. Pierre based on his most recent winning performance against Chris Wilson at UFC 82: "Pride of a Champion" last month. In addition, playing a little reverse psychology, Parisyan indicates that Fitch deserves a title shot even though he has lobbied for his chance ever since pulling out of a scheduled title fight against then-champion Matt Hughes in 2005. The only problem is St. Pierre has to beat Matt Serra at UFC 83 later this month to gain the 170-pound strap, making a possible match up between Fitch and St. Pierre very questionable. Not to mention Karo could get the nod over Fitch with a thrilling performance against Thiago Alves on national television later this evening at UFC Fight Night 13.

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