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UFC Quick Quote: Michael Bisping is very, very average

charles mccarthy"I loved this fight when it was offered it to me. I really don't think Bisping is anything at all, I don't see anything he does well. He's very, very average. I'm just not impressed or excited by anything he does. His wrestling isn't good, his striking isn't good, his BJJ isn't good -- he's just an average fighter with a big name because the UFC is in England. I think he's probably the most average fighter in the whole UFC who has a big name. I've watched his fights very closely. He hasn't got that much talent or ability, but I will say he's mentally a tough guy. He was put into some real tough situations in his fights against Elvis Sinosic and Eric Schafer and he battled out of them. He's a tough guy with a reputation but I honestly don't see anything in him."

-- Charles McCarthy pulls the pin on a trash-talking hand grenade via UK.Eurosport.Yahoo! that is sure to ignite a response from his opponent at UFC 83: "Serra vs. St. Pierre," Michael Bisping, prior to their middleweight showdown at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, on April 19.

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