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UFC Quick Quote: Shogun Rua eyes return as soon as September


"The surgery was very quick, lasted 50 minutes, was quiet. Now I hope for healing and I think here in about two months I can return to training slowly, very cautiously.... Depending on my recovery, I think that I can fight again in September or October. We always talked with Dana White and also would like to thank him because the UFC offered me a doctor, a physical therapist -- all to get me help. They have been very attentive with me."

-- Mauricio "Shogun" Rua tells that his knee surgery was successful and that he hopes to return as soon as September if all things go according to plan. Rua disclosed a knee injury after his submission loss to Forrest Griffin in the Brazilian's Octagon debut at UFC 76: "Knockout" in September 2007. He had it fixed after that fight, but reinjured the knee while training for Chuck Liddell at UFC 85 in June. Rashad Evans was tapped as Rua's replacement.

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