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James Irvin: 'I dont see how the fight can get out of the first round' with Houston Alexander

houston alexander james irvin

Props: Calgary Sun


"I don't see how the fight can get out of the first round but I think if it does -- I think at 5,000 feet altitude, that's going to play a big part -- all that muscle he carries, I think he's going to be really tired.... He's got something that can knock me out any second, so I can't go in there being careless. I can't go in there without being methodical about it, and that's the biggest thing is everything we're doing (in training) has method to it. I'm just going to set him up. We've got some traps I'm going to walk him into."

"The Sandman" talks about his upcoming light heavyweight fight with Houston Alexander at UFC Fight Night 13 at the Broomfield Event Center in Bromfield, Colo., on April 13. It'll be real interesting to see how not just Alexander -- but all the competitors -- handle the thin mile-high air come fight night. It's an underrated albeit significant factor especially if bouts go into the later rounds.

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