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UFC Quick Quote: Evan Tanner goes for broke ... literally

Evan tanner

" may wonder why a former world champion, a man who has fought in front of millions, a man who just weeks ago fought in front of millions, and man who is recognized on the street every time he leaves his house, a man whom you would think had plenty of money, had to resort to scraping together change to buy food. I'll tell you the story. I'm completely broke. My bank account is negative. I got myself into a pretty deep hole in more ways than one, in the two years I took away from fighting. I started getting my life straightened out about five months ago. I signed the March 1st fight and began training. I had some very good friends help me out with some money and help me get settled down in Vegas so I could focus on training.... I feel a little worn out physically. It does suck to have to scrape together pocket change to buy food. But I wouldn't take anything back. I went for it. I put [what money he had left] all on the line [at the casino]. I always will. I knew what the consequences would be if I failed, and I was willing to accept them. So any of you reading who might be feeling a twinge of sympathy, don't. I made my decisions, and I accept the consequences. I'm no victim. And to those who are thinking about preaching at me, don't bother. I won't hear you. I haven't accomplished anything in this life worth remembering by playing it safe. That's boring to me anyway."

-- Former middleweight champion Evan Tanner talks about gambling for a week straight in an attempt to make more money to pay off his bills in a recent blog post. His plan didn't work. Tanner lost his most recent comeback fight to Yushin Okami at UFC 82: "Pride of a Champion" via knockout earlier this month.

UPDATE: Tanner clarifies the particulars of his casino play, saying "So, basically, I paid off my bills, and spent three hundred dollars playing Blackjack on my vacation. It's really not a big deal. It would be great if everyone would just chill out, and quit overreacting."

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