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Paul Daley: 'Semtex' to fight at Cage Rage 26 on May 10

paul daley
Cage Rage Welterweight Champion Paul "Semtex" Daley (17-6-2) will defend his 170-pound title at Cage Rage 26 on May 10, according to

Heres the words from the man himself:

"I'll be defending my world title belt on May10 at Cage Rage. No opponent has been confirmed yet."

Daley recently announced his plans to retire from the sport of mixed martial arts, but agreed to fulfill his contract, which had one fight remaining.

It was believed Daley's last fight was going to be on the "Shamrock vs. Cung Le" show next weekend in San Jose, Calif. However, it appears now that ProElite wants him to defend his title if it's going to be his last fight.

It's still very strange Daley would announce his retirement at such a young age (24) and with such a bright future in the sport.

There are the conspiracy theorists out there who don't believe Daley is really retiring. It is possible he could just be moving on to greener pastures like another organization such as the UFC or WEC.

Here's another snip:

"America has the biggest market right now. The fans and promoters treat me well. In Cage Rage, it's different; egos get in the way. But it's work, and you don't always get [along] with your boss all the time."

Daley certainly has the talent to compete in the UFC and perhaps those are indeed his future plans -- only time will tell.

He did say he like the market in America, and with UFC hosting all these shows in England, he would still have the opportunity to fight at home as well.

Either way, if he's retiring or just moving on, we know we'll get to see him fight at least one more time at Cage Rage 26. That will have to do for now ... I guess.

We'll let you know as soon as his opponent is announced.

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