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WEC: Paulo Filho out against Chael Sonnen on March 26 because of substance abuse problem

paulo filho
He did. He didn't. He did.

WEC Middleweight Champion Paulo Filho has indeed officially opted to postpone his 185-pound title fight against Chael Sonnen scheduled for March 26 because of a substance abuse problem, according to

No date for the rematch was disclosed nor was the "substance" identified.

Here's a snip from his manager, Ed Soares:

"This is horrible news, but we're proud of him for stepping up and recognizing his problem. At times like this you realize who your true friends are and who really supports you, and the people around him now are supporting him and are gonna be with him when he comes back. Paulo apologizes to his fans but he thanks them for their support and he promised that the next time they see him, he'll be back at 100 percent and will be the Paulo Filho everyone expects to see."

Get well soon, Paulo.

The WEC light heavyweight title bout between Doug Marshall and Brian Stann is now the main event.

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