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EliteXCs Gary Shaw responds to UFCs Dana White

gary shaw

"Dana thinks that he invented the sport of MMA. He is very lucky that he had rich friends in the Fertitta's to fund the sport, the Fertitta's are great I would never say otherwise about them. And even more lucky that SPIKETV bailed him out of a $35 million deficit. It's no wonder that fighters, like Tito Ortiz and others are fed up with him. Dana doesn't care about the fighters and treating them well. He doesn't care about growing the sport, he only cares about the UFC. We're (EliteXC) are trying to grow the sport and treat our fighters well."

-- EliteXC Live Events President Gary Shaw responds to recent comments made by UFC President Dana White via It's interesting Shaw mentions Tito Ortiz's name specifically. That could be a sign of things to come in EliteXC. Its light heavyweight division talent pool is currently looking pretty shallow. Other destinations for Ortiz if he decides to bolt would be Mark Cuban's HDNet Fights and Oscar De La Hoya's possible new promotion along with Affliction (Ortiz purchased the Golden Boy's Big Bear home not too long ago).

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