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MMA Quick Quote: Lopsided Spar Wars the key for Le?


I have to favor Frank for this fight as far as experience is concerned but I am going to have to take Cung to win this fight. He [Le] is an athlete with a God-given talent for fighting. When he used to spar with Frank back in the day, a lot of people will remember that he used to throw Frank around like a rag doll, like his little sister. It was almost a joke how bad he worked Frank over back then. I am sure Frank remembers that. Cung is a good wrestler, has great throws and he kicks like a mule. The longer the fight goes the more pressure that will be on Frank to score points.

Strikeforce lightweight contender Josh "The Punk" Thompson tells PunchDrunkGamer that based on what he's seen in training the March 29th title fight between middleweight champion Frank Shamrock and challenger Cung Le may be a lot closer than people think.

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