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UFC Quick Quote: Diego Sanchez gets strong for David Bielkheden UFC 82 fight

Diego Sanchez

"... I had to make a decision and my decision was either to go down to 155 and be an enormous 155-pounder or stay at 170 and get stronger, hit the weights ... I had to go back to the basics, start powerlifting again. I started doing some kettlebell training ... it was obvious I needed to get stronger. [Jon] Fitch was able to hold me down and outposition me with his strength and leverage and that's something that will never happen again. Because I'm much stronger and I'm ready for this.... It's going to be a very, very game Diego Sanchez on March 1."

-- Diego Sanchez talks about his decision to remain a welterweight and what he's doing to remain competitive there in a recent Canadian Press article prior to his fight with Octagon newcomer David Bielkheden at UFC 82: "Pride of a Champion' this Saturday (March 1) at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio .

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