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Strikeforce at the Dome (Results update)

Strikeforce at the Dome

Don't forget, tonight at 7:30 pm on HDNET you can see Bob Sapp make his MMA debut in the United States -- Strikeforce and Bodog Fight will be cross promoting the show called Strikeforce: "At the Dome."

Sapp, 6'5" 350 pounds, takes on Jan "The Giant" Nortje who is no small man himself, standing at 6'11" and weighing around 330 pounds, in the main event of the night. If you like knockouts, you'll want to check this fight out for sure.

UFC veteran Joe "Diesel" Riggs (27-9) will also be fighting on the card, fighting up and comer Cory Devela (7-1) in a middleweight scrap.

Riggs knocked out Eugene Jackson in his last fight at a Strikeforce show at the Playboy mansion in September of last year. Devela's lone loss was to Ed Herman back in 2004 and he seems to have a very good submission game and should give Diesel a run for his money.

The other fights on the card include:

  • Maurice Smith vs. Rick Roufus at heavyweight
  • Lyle Beerbohm vs. Ray Perales at 170 lbs.
  • Steve Berger vs. Eddy Ellis at 170 lbs.
  • Jorge Masvidal vs. Ryan Healy at 160 lbs.
  • Andrew Pedersen vs. Mychal Clark at heavyweight.
  • Zach Skinner vs. Scott Shaffer at 145 lbs.
  • Nathan Coy vs. Dave Courchaine at 170 lbs.

It should be worth a look if for nothing else other than to watch Sapp try and knock somebody out. He'll be looking to win impressively in his first fight in the U.S in front of a hometown crowd.

Quick results after the jump.

  • Jan Nortje defeats Bob Sapp via technical knockout (strikes) in round one.
  • Cory Devela defeats Joe Riggs via submission (throw) in round one [Note that Riggs was injured as a result of the move].
  • Maurice Smith defeats Rick Roufus via submission (kimura) in round one.
  • Lyle Beerbohm defeats Ray Perales via submission (guillotine choke) in round two.
  • Eddy Ellis defeats Steve Berger via unanimous decision.
  • Jorge Masvidal defeats Ryan Healy via unanimous decision.
  • Mychal Clark defeats Andrew Pedersen via technical knockout (doctor stoppage) in round two.
  • Zach Skinner defeats Scott Shaffer via unanimous decision
  • Nathan Coy defeats Dave Courchaine via knockout in round one.

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