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Report: Psychiatrist attending to Ryan Gracie responsible for fighters death

G1 News reports that Sabino de Farias Neto, the psychiatrist responsible for medicating Ryan Gracie on the night of his death, is being blamed by Sao Paulo investigators for the fighter's untimely demise.

Investigator Roberto Calaca Vieira has even gone as far as to say that Neto should be indicted for manslaughter.

Gracie, the former PRIDE standout and member of the famed Gracie jiu-jitsu family, was found dead in his prison cell on December 15th after being arrested for attempted theft of a car and motorcycle.

After initial processing, Gracie was taken for toxicology testing and upon completion was returned to his holding cell where he remained until discovered by police around 7am.

The recently released toxicology report has indicated the presence of multiple drugs in Gracie's system including marijuana, cocaine and the following prescription medicines administered by Neto: Midazolam, Alprazolan, Prometazina, Clozapine, and Haloperidol.

According to investigators, the combination of drugs - not the dosage, was the cause of Gracie's heart and respiratory failure.

Neto vehemently denies any wrongdoing and considers Gracie's treatment "routine", pointing to the fighter's history of cocaine abuse as a more likely cause.

While Neto and investigators continue to point fingers, many questions still remain for the Gracie family.

Flavia Gracie, Ryan's sister, wants to know why her brother was not transferred to a local hospital after his initial medical exam on the night of his death.

This case is sure to reveal more as time goes on. Neto's attorney has referred to the Gracie report as inconclusive.

As it stands, I think that's a pretty fitting word for most of this tragedy.

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