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MMA Quick Quote: Ken Shamrock 'would get his head taken off' by Kimbo Slice

Ken Shamrock

"Shamrock would get his head taken off, Kimbo will just work at not getting taken down; then, Ken's in trouble. I'm pretty strong, and I was whacking [Kimbo], and it didn't seem like it bothered him at all. He was still there. I give him his due."

-- Tank Abbott give props to the man who knocked him out last Saturday in Miami, Kimbo Slice, via and shares his thoughts on the possible fight between Kimbo and UFC Hall of Famer, Ken Shamrock. The potential match up was teased by the ringside announcers immediately following the Slice win and is just talk at this point. Shamrock, in fact, has a fight coming up against Robert "Buzz" Berry at Cage Rage 25: "Bring It On" in London, England, on March 8. He would probably have to win that fight before talking about what would surely be a main event fight against Kimbo.


Check out an exclusive Kimbo question and answer session with Showtime right here. It's good.

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