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Mirko Cro Cop discusses possible DREAM opponents and eventual return to UFC (Video)

Cro Cop Video


Quoteworthy (translation via

"... Dream will have fighters such as Fedor, Kharitonov, Hunt, Barnett, K-1 guys, Sefo, Lebanner, possibly Peter Aerts, so it is possible that there will be very tough competition ... there's no reason or talk about retiring. I will surely fight for few more years. I have a great motivation and I've dedicated myself only to that. Everyone should be on their guard for me and especially those 2 guys I lost to [Gabriel Gonzaga and Cheick Kongo]."

Note the massive ovation Cro Cop receives during the recent DREAM press conference at the beginning of this video. Hopefully, he feeds off that support, strings together some wins against some of the extremely talented fighters mentioned above, and returns to the Octagon a new man. That's a lot to ask for ... I know.

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