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EliteXC: Kimbo Slice-Tank Abbott LIVE fight results and more for 'Street Certified'

Elite XC street certified is on the scene tonight at the BankUnited Center in Miami, Fla., for the EliteXC: "Street Certified" event that features the main event between Kimbo Slice and Tank Abbott.

We'll have LIVE results, beginning with the undercard action at 7:30 p.m. ET., as well as LIVE play-by-play of the main card action that begins at 10 p.m. ET., which will air on Showtime at that same time.

Remember that you can watch the undercard for FREE online via streaming video at right now.

Here are the results for 'Street Certified' (note spoilers are located after the jump):

Kimbo Slice defeats Tank Abbott via knockout in round one
Antonio Silva defeats Ricco Rodriguez via split decision
Scott Smith defeats Kyle Noke via knockout in round two
Yves Edwards defeats Edson Berto via knockout (knee) in round one
Brett Rogers defeats James Thompson via knockout in round one
Rafael Feijao defeats John Doyle via knockout in round one
Yosmany Cabezas defeats Jon Kirk via submission (rear naked choke) in round two
Dave "Pee Wee" Herman defeats Mario "The Big Hurt" Rinaldi via technical knockout (strikes) in round three
Eric Bradley defeats Mikey Gomez via unanimous decision
Lorenzo Borgameo defeats Mike Bernhard via submission (triangle choke) in round two
Moyses Gabin defeats Jirka Hlavaty via technical knockout (cut) in round one

LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of the main card:

Kimbo Slice vs. Tank Abbott

Round one: Tank Abbott makes his way toward the cage and it's deafening. No one in this building wants him to win. The EliteXC team is even passing out candy grills to all the fans. It's madness. Everyone is on their feet, waiting for the Miami-bred Kimbo Slice to make his entrance. Dear lord this is bedlam ... here he comes. All this excitement and I'm skeptical that this match up lasts longer than 90 seconds. I'd hate to be a cop right now. Check that ... I'd hate to be a cop if Kimbo loses. Here we go.

Tank grabs Kimbo. Pushes him up to the cage. Tank pushes out and lands a nice left hook. Kimbo fights back with a left hook of his own and Tank goes down. Kimbo tries to finish but lands a punch to the back of Tank's head and the ref stops the action. Tank gets a second to get his wind back and they meet in the center of the cage. Both fighters connect on bombs, but Tank looks wobbly and Kimbo lands a big left hook then a straight right. Tank goes down and gets back up. Kimbo lands another huge right hand that floors Tank for good. Big knockout for Kimbo in front of his hometown fans.

Final result: Slice defeats Abbott via knockout in round one


Antonio Silva vs. Ricco Rodriguez

Round one: The former UFC heavyweight champion, Ricco Rodriguez, makes his way down the stage toward the cage. There's some confusion behind the scenes and he's not allowed in until the very last minute. Weird ... hopefully this is no indication of how the fight will go. Fight time. Ding-ding.

The two touch gloves and circle one another to start the bout. Ricco swings and misses with an inside leg kick -- not much action to start. Silva goes on the offensive and backs up Ricco with a few JABS. Ricco retaliates with a kick to the gut. Again, both fighters are tentative. Straight left jab from Silva backs up Ricco. Silva connects with a looping right that stuns Ricco, but the former champ manages to get a takedown and falls into the guard of Silva. Ricco is working from the top position but not much is happening. Elbow from Ricco finally lands. That's how the round will end. Rather dull and a tough one to score.

Round two: Round two begins pretty much like the first -- both fighters carefully looking for an angle. Silva catches Ricco with a right hand and Ricco counters with an errant Superman punch. Ricco goes for a single and has Silva mashed up against the fence. Silva escapes and Ricco falls to the ground, Silva punces on top of him with some punches. Ricco throws up a triangle, but Silva defends and gets side control. He's laying down some nice elbows. Silva is back in full guard and is dropping some decent elbows, but Ricco is sustaining no real damage. There's a cut on the left eye of Ricco. Silva is still working from the top position, until the ref stands them up. Ricco calls a timeout because he can't see out of his eye. The ringside physician checks him and the two start up. Silva gets him down and maneuvers for an anaconda choke, but Ricco defends and the bell rings with Silva in full guard ... pretty much where it was the entire second frame.

Round three: Round three begins and it looks like Ricco is aware that he needs this round. Let's see if he can keep up the pace. Silva scores a big takedown and attempts to get side control. A fight breaks out in the stands. Silva pops up and drops some hammer fists while standing. Ricco is still on the ground ... not doing much of anything. Silva drops some baby punches -- both fighters look gassed. The ref stands them up again. Silva connects with a right and a kick to the ribs. Ricco throws a head kick and then goes for the single-leg takedown, which he gets. He's no working from the top position in full guard. Again, both fighters are just laying around with no sense of urgency. Round three ends with Ricco still in Silva's guard. Maybe he won that round, but overall, it was a rather lackluster fight ... would have to give the edge to Silva.

Final result: Silva defeats Rodriguez via split decision


Scott Smith vs. Kyle Noke

Round one: Smith takes the center of the cage. Noke works a couple jabs. Smith has Noke backing up, but Noke is the only one throwing punches. Noke continues to work the jab with the occasional right hand. Inside leg kick from Noke. Smith misses an overhand right then a wild left hook. Finally an exchange. Smith lands a nice right hand and Noke fires back another jab. Smith gets Noke against the cage and connects on a left hook, but doesn't follow it up. Noke continues to work the jab. A nice overhand right from Smith. Smith lands a nice one two combo and Noke pushes him off. Bell rings. Not much action in the round. I'd give it to Noke, he used the jab pretty good and Smith just didn't do much.

Round two: Bell rings for round two and they meet in the center. Noke fires a couple jabs. Smith defends throws a huge overhand right that lays Noke out!! He's out cold. That came out of no where. Big win for Smith.

Final result: Smith defeats Noke via knockout in round two


Yves Edwards vs. Edson Berto

Round one: Second fight of the main card up now. Let's see if "Thug-jitsu" can make it three in a row against the super tough Berto.

Feeling each other out to starts. Berto with an inside right kick to the body ... sounds like wood snapping. Edwards counters with a one-two that barely lands. Berto shoots in for the takedown, but Edwards does a great job of defending while sitting on his butt. Berto eventually muscles him to his back and attempts to gain side control. He sinks in a guillotine choke and Edwards is struggling to defend it. He pops out and works a kimura. Berto defends and the action dies down for a bit, but Edwards is still working for the submission hold. He eventually gives up on the kimura and the two are locked in a defensive battle on the ground. Edwards rains down some nice punches from the top position. BIG ELBOW from Edwards. Berto unloads with some hammer fists from the bottom and the ref has had enough. The two stand up and Berto goes for a takedown, has a single, Edwards pulls a Urijah Faber move and hops on one leg, delivering a knee to the grill of Berto. HE'S OUT! Vicious knockout. Great finish from Edwards.

Final result: Edwards defeats Berto via knockout (knee) in round one


James Thompson vs. Brett Rogers

Round one: First fight on the main card is up, and of course, James Thompson looks like a bad ass. Unfortunately, he doesn't fight like one. Real interested to see if Brett Rogers can find that big knockout button on the chin in "Colossus" like so many other fighters before him. Time to find out ... here we go.

The bell rings and Thompson sprints at Rogers. Shoots for the takedown. Rogers defends. Thompson takes him down. Rogers right back up. Thompson pushes Rogers up against the cage and connects a solid one two. Rogers pushes out of the clinch and throws two wild hooks, connecting on the second. Thompson gets him down again, but Rogers gets right back up. Big knee from Rogers out of the clinch!!! Thompson gets wobbly and Rogers goes in for the kill connecting on two huge punches, a left hook, then a right hook, Thompson starts to fall and Rogers connects on three more huge bombs. Thats it! Big knockout from Rogers! Impressive!

He found the button!

Final result: Rogers defeats Thompson via knockout in round one


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