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Cro Cop heads to Japan to make announcement tomorrow (Update)

mirko cro cop filipovic

"I'm off to Tokyo! A big announcement will come straight from Japan tomorrow (February 13). When the official part is done I'll be able to provide more information about everything, and believe me, I have many things to say. What you could easily guess by now is that I won't be retiring. I'll keep on fighting, it's my life, it's what I do."

-- Mirko Cro Cop affirms via his personal blog that he wants to continue to fight (something we already knew) and that he's headed to the "Land of the Rising Sun" to make a major announcement tomorrow. Has he agreed to a new fight? Has he been released from the UFC because he costs too much? Will he fight for another promotion? Is he a mopping mat rat on Fedor's new television reality series (sarcasm)? Only time will tell. Stay tuned.

Update: Dave Meltzer from is passing along news that Cro Cop could announce that he will fight for a new promotion created by the owners of K-1. We'll be all over this when the official word comes in.ÂÂ

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