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Chris Leben: Alessio Sakara 'doesn't deserve to be in the UFC'

Chris the crippler leben


"Honestly, as much respect as possible to him, but I really don't think he deserves to be in the UFC. I haven't seen him win the fights or do what he has to do to prove himself at this level. You know, we're going to pressure him and test him and I'll tell you what , he has a pretty good opportunity to prove himself if that's what he wants to do."

"The Crippler" weighs-in on his upcoming opponent, Alessio Sakara, at UFC 82: "Pride of a Champion" on March 1 at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. This is the first fight on Leben's new contract, according to the interview. There was some speculation that he would bolt from the organization. He is now on the 25/25 pay scale rather than the 10/10 ($25,000 to show, $25,000 to win). Leben did not reveal the length of the contract.

(Thanks to reader "Mr. NC-17" for the assist.)

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