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Igor Vovchanchyn: 'I'm a businessman now. I won't come back'

Igor Vovchanchyn



"I'm a businessman now. I won't come back. Sure I think about it every once in a while, but I'm 35, you know. The main problem is the injuries. I can't even strike with my right hand. I got three screws in my right elbow and one in the left. I'm about to undergo an operation on my nose as I can't breathe right. To sum things up, there is no sense in my comeback."

One of the baddest men in mixed martial arts in the early days, Igor Vovchanchyn, finally puts to rest any rumors that he will return to professional competition. I can't believe he's only 35 ... I'm older than I realize. Regardless, it's a sad day.

A tribute to the ice cold "Ukrainian Killer:"

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