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UFC 83: Michael Bisping is already shedding the pounds for Charles McCarthy fight

Michael Bisping

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"... with me dropping down to middleweight for the first time, it is good for me that I have the extra month to lose the weight. I'm down to 200lbs at the moment, so I'm doing okay with 12 weeks to go. I aim to get down to about 194 by a couple of weeks before the fight and then dry to dry out the last eight or nine pounds. Obviously I want to avoid a last-minute sort of situation where I have to spend too much time in the sauna because that can really weaken you as a fighter. I actually hate saunas, I'm someone who prefers cold to heat. I usually can't spend more than a couple of minutes in them. I had to do it once before when I fought in Cage Rage and I hated it. I was having to do star-jumps in a sweat-suit in the sauna; it wasn't pleasant. This time I am doing it properly, getting the weight off slowly and using a nutritionist to make sure I keep lots of strength. I'm looking forward to it, to be honest. Dropping down to middleweight is something I should have done a long time ago."ÂÂ

Former light heavyweight 205-pound fighter, Michael Bisping, reveals that he is already in the midst of dropping weight for his upcoming fight with Charles McCarthy at UFC 83 on April 19 at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec. It's the first time in his professional mixed martial arts career that "The Count" will compete in the 185-pound division.

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