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Dana White: EliteXCs Kimbo Slice would get 'hurt bad' in the UFC

Kimbo Slice

"Sean Gannon beat him in a street fight. Everyone saw what happened to Sean Gannon when he fought a guy that no one ever heard of (a decisive TKO loss to Branden Lee Hinkle in the UFC). Gannon was in the hospital for three weeks. That's what would happen to Kimbo Slice if he fought in the UFC. He would get hurt bad – real bad."

Those thoughts are from none other than UFC President Dana White on street fighting legend and EliteXC heavyweight fighter Kimbo Slice's chances in the Octagon.

White makes a good point, but that fight with Kimbo and Gannon was a long time ago. Since then Kimbo has been training with former UFC heavyweight champion, Bas Rutten, in hopes of honing his all around MMA skills.

Bas had this to say about Kimbo:

"I am training Kimbo right now, and I have to say that he is one of the BEST fighters I have EVER trained. He really listens to you and does what you say, do you know how hard that is? If he's dead tired, and I tell him five more rounds, he looks at me, but doesn't say anything, he just does it."

It appears Kimbo has the desire to get better, but if he ever wants to shed the "street fighter" label, he's going to have to take some fights with more well rounded fighters. Fighting guys like Tank Abbott and Ray Mercer -- who are just brawlers themselves -- is going to get him nowhere closer to proving himself in the MMA world.

We already know he can knock a guy out. ... just ask Adrian.

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