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UFC Quick Quote: No shame in losing for Brock Lesnar in his debut

brock lesnar

"There's no shame in losing. I lost my first amateur wrestling match as a kid. My coach told me when I was wanting to quit, that you first have to lose before you learn how not to lose. I don't like to lose so I have to learn not to lose in this sport.... Obviously I'm disappointed, but it was a great experience. I must have worked on defending that leglock 1,000 times maybe. I thought I was going to get out.... I'm here for as long as I can fight here. I love what I'm doing. The company has been great."

-- Former WWE superstar, Brock Lesnar, reflects on his submission loss to Frank Mir at UFC 81: "Breaking Point" last night via Yahoo! during his Octagon debut. He looked unstoppable in the early part of the fight, but he just got caught. Blame it on a deadly cocktail of inexperience and adrenaline or what have you, but I'd pay to see him fight again. That was an action-packed, edge-of-your seat 90 seconds.

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