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UFC Quick Quote: Brock Lesnar has big hands -- needs 4XL gloves

brock lesnar

"... [Brock Lesnar] is only the second man in the history of combat sports in Nevada to wear size 4XL gloves, the other being South Korean giant Choi Hong-man, who is 7-3 and 367 pounds."

-- Dave Meltzer from Yahoo! reports on the gigantic size of Brock Lesnar (6'3" 265+ pounds) and his chances of defeating Frank Mir at UFC 81: "Breaking Point" tonight. According to the report, Lesnar will pocket $450,000 with a win ($250,00 to show, $200,000 to win). That's more guaranteed -- and promised -- money than any other fighter on the card. Lesnar has just one professional mixed martial arts fight to his credit. Cha-ching ...

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